The Sympathy of White Knights

Once again, there is a massive killing involving firearms in the US.

And, once again, we have an outpouring of John Waynes, Harry Calahans, and Marion Cobrettis expressing their 2nd Amendment fantasies.

These are people who ignore the victims, the grieving, the stories of people who put their lives on the line to save others, and the reality on the ground to say, essentially:

Things would be different if I were there with MY Gun.  I would have saved everyone by killing the bad guy, and then I would be a GREAT HERO.

In posting after posting, these so-called “Heroes” talk about the weapons they own – and often times even carry around – and the supposed abilities that these guns have.  Some even talk about how their weapons can stun or even disable people clad in body armor, using techniques like “Double Tap” (2 quick shots to the same area in a very short time).

And yet, it shows just how limited these White Knights in Shining Armor really are.  On top of this, it shows how often these shining examples of Enmeshed American Gun Culture get into actual shootouts.

Which is never.

But, even if they have, I wonder if they would have the same reaction as this person.

Read that.

Then reflect that she does indeed lose her own life at the Aurora theatre less than 2 months later.

Or, would these White Knights react like this young man?  Or, like these people?

We already have that answer.

It is not about the victims, the innocent bystanders, or even the shooter and his motives.

It’s only about their own guns.  And their delusions of Heroic Grandeur.

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Reviewing on Good Authority

Here’s a question:

Do you worry about your accomplishments as a chef when you taste food for the first time and find that it is not to your liking?

Do you recount your experiences in NASCAR when some crazy driver cuts you off and you make a note of how badly their actual skills are?

Or how about your (W)NBA expertise when you watch a player miss badly – and repeatedly – and your conclusion is that they aren’t all that good?

Do you look at your master carpentry credentials when you take note of a stairway or deck or a door that is falling apart before your very eyes?

Of course you do not.

So then, why is this kind of question tolerated when talking about film-making, novel writing, TV shows, or comic books?

Here’s a newsflash:  You do not have to be an “authority” to do anything.

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Movies That Hate You: X-Men (2000)

The Story, Mutated:

A group of people born with powers band together to stop a group of people with similar powers from destroying humanity. Continue reading

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Movies That Hate You (Special): The Hunger Games

Note:  This one is special because it deals with a movie that was seen “live” in theatre.  You may start seeing these more often.

The Story on a Branch:

In a dystopian society, an oppressive government selects conscripts for “The Hunger Games,” a popular tournament in which young children fight to the death. Continue reading

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Where Stereotypes Reign

Want to see where stereotypes go unchallenged?

Where sexism, misandry, and misogyny go unchecked?

Where fat-shaming and body issues go hand in hand?

Where you can give your racism a veneer that most rights groups don’t really bother to confront, at least most of the time?

Continue reading

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Movies That Hate You: Dune

Blood in the Sand:

Rival space empires battle for control over a powerful substance that is only found on one planet in the known universe.  A prophecy about that planet’s leadership, however, may change everything. Continue reading

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The Lesson of Monopoly

I’m sure most people have played “Monopoly.”

But I wonder if anyone has ever stopped to consider the consequences that the game was trying to convey.

Think about the conditions that it takes to win.  And then, think about “competitive spirit” required to reach the winning condition.  And then, think about the end result when you finish the game. Continue reading

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