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The Longest Lie

It’s the one that says that Hollywood only cares about getting  money. It’s the one where all you need to do is show success at a high enough level for Hollywood and its associated industries to “follow your example.” It’s … Continue reading

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Chasing Knight Rider: The Preamble

While Battlestar Galactica was one of the series that Larson was known for in the late 1970s, it would be the 1980s where Larson’s stock was at his highest.  As it is, he was commissioned to put pen to paper … Continue reading

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Where Stereotypes Reign

Want to see where stereotypes go unchallenged? Where sexism, misandry, and misogyny go unchecked? Where fat-shaming and body issues go hand in hand? Where you can give your racism a veneer that most rights groups don’t really bother to confront, … Continue reading

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Fantasy vs. Reality in Storytelling

This is an outgrowth from the discussion at Ars Marginal about the Chosen One motif found in televised and printed media.  Some of the discussion moved towards using more historical references for developing better characters of color OR telling their … Continue reading

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Know Your Venues

Better known as “Step Up Your Game.” Do you know why “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” the series managed to last 7 seasons before it ended, instead of having its plug pulled after the 3rd season? Or how “Smallville,” which was … Continue reading

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Analysis: Blond Ambition

This actually came to me while watching (and being thoroughly repulsed by) Hancock.  When you look at this particular sub-genre of multimedia productions, one thing you might notice is that blond-haired women are not only super-powered, but often their powers … Continue reading

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Bad Comic Syndrome

If people aren’t laughing at your joke, then your joke isn’t good. If you have to explain the punchline, then you failed at getting your point across. If you try to use shocking or confrontational language and people take offense, … Continue reading

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