Tropes of Women of Color in Sci-Fi

This is the published series on the stereotypes and tropes of Women of Color, particularly Black Women, in science fiction and fantasy.


Trope Version 1:  The Token

Trope Version 2:  The Traitor

Trope Version 3:  The Incompetent

Trope Version 4:  The Tragic Warrior

Trope Version 5:  The Tragic Mistake

Special Analysis: Niyota Uhura (Star Trek [2009]) Part 1

Special Analysis: Niyota Uhura (Star Trek [2009]) Part 2

14 Responses to Tropes of Women of Color in Sci-Fi

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  3. RVCBard says:

    I came here via Racialicious. Do you mind if I link to this on my blog, Ars Marginal?

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  6. Helen Gynell says:

    I would like to know what your overall premise/the purpose of your blog is, on your home page. Your blog seems like a collection of entries that serve only you because you don’t have something overall linking them. You are obviously an intellectual and have something to say (that you care about), but I had to click on about 20 things before I found an article with pictures. Before you dismiss that as a stupid comment, please know that without pictures it’s going to be hard to get un-brainy smurfs to be drawn in to reading to spread your point of view/the facts you write about.
    Having it be visually appealing is as important as content. Why write if you don’t want others to read? I like what you write about but please put in at least one picture in your posts. Is this where you are going? “While the demographics of the American viewing public have been changing, the faces shown on television and film have not changed at anywhere near the same pace.” Or are you making observations about the lack of people of color/role of people of color in SciFi, particularly women?

    • Heavy Armor says:


      Thank you for stopping by.

      However, that is all that I am going to give you.

      As I say over and over again, what people comment on and how they respond tend to reveal more than the commenter realizes.

      First, the point of my blog is in the title:

      “Making No Sense Whatsoever Since 2001.”
      In other words, there is no “point” to this blog.

      Second, your assumption that I am writing for the benefit of popularity is both silly and irrelevant. Everyone writes for their own reasons. Yet, you don’t seem willing to respect mine. Your comment is also very insulting, and I wonder just how much thinking you actually do. You barge in on a blog without actually reading it, you make assumptions about the author and what he does and why, and then you proceed to insult the author based on those assumptions. So that makes you 0-for-3 and it’s not looking good.

      And since you have indicated that you need a map to have the meaning shown plain to you:

      Your advice was not solicited. And given the kind of advice you purport to offer, it is not wanted.

      Thank you.

      • Helen Gynell says:

        I just found your reply. I do apologize for offering my (unwanted) insulting graphic design advice, that’s just what I do for a living. My biggest mistake I realize now by your reply was in assuming that all blogging has a point. I did read “Making No Sense . . .” but didn’t think it was a literal description and something you adhere to. I took it as tongue-in-cheek. As a woman who likes science fiction and is interested in the roles of women in film and media, I was just looking for some common ground (yes, a map). People do go to the web to read. I guess my biggest mistake was in assuming that publishing something means you want it read. Had I meant to insult you, I think we could agree what I wrote would have been very different. Best wishes and I will not not read your blog 🙂

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  8. SMS says:

    This content deserves to be applauded as it makes us believe as it really is. I follow quite a few blogs but I have never visited such an astounding post earlier. To tell the truth I love to follow your work as it gives me inspiration.And yes i have bookmarked your site .

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