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An Observation in Politics

There are people who believe that a Federal Law in which people are forced to purchase private insurance or face penalties from the IRS, an agency which has both physical arrest and financial seizure powers, should stand as the law … Continue reading

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Movies That Hate You: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Fast Track Synopsis: When a meteor crash lands in Gotham City, Batman investigates.  He soon confronts its passenger, a young girl who looks human, but soon displays powers and abilities far beyond mortal men.  Superman intervenes before more trouble is … Continue reading

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The Dirty Secret of “Nerd Culture” Movies

They all want to be revered in the “Culture” as being the next of this: The problem is that the movie derives the same emotive themes as found in Cinderella, only fashioned for a Boy’s Adventure Story, rather than ultimately … Continue reading

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Movies That Hate You: Spiderman

The Blurb: In New York City, high school senior Peter Parker, suffering through the vagaries of high school life, has a life-changing experience at a science museum in New York.  Bitten by a genetically engineered Super-Spider, Peter Parker’s DNA is … Continue reading

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