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Striking Blue Thunder – Episode 8: Payload

The Plot: APEX is assigned to protect a shuttle mission which develops a vaccine that could end the possibility of biological warfare.

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Movies That Hate You (Special): Star Trek – Into Darkness

The Lazarus Story: The crew of the Enterprise must stop a conspiracy before it escalates into all-out war with Klingon Empire. [Advance Warning:  This is a long one.]

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Riding the Airwolf – The Preamble

  The Copy: Airwolf was born out of the rising dustup of shows featuring “Futuristic” vehicles.  The most famous of the Future Vehicles would be the Knight Industries Two-Thousand from Knight Rider.  Lesser known, however, was the vehicle which was … Continue reading

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Striking Blue Thunder – The Preamble

Coming off of the heels of the Blue Thunder movie, ABC commissioned a spinoff TV series which was to begin soon after the Blue Thunder movie hit the theatre circuits. The Plot: In the aftermath of the events of the … Continue reading

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The Sympathy of White Knights

Once again, there is a massive killing involving firearms in the US. And, once again, we have an outpouring of John Waynes, Harry Calahans, and Marion Cobrettis expressing their 2nd Amendment fantasies. These are people who ignore the victims, the … Continue reading

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The Lesson of Monopoly

I’m sure most people have played “Monopoly.” But I wonder if anyone has ever stopped to consider the consequences that the game was trying to convey. Think about the conditions that it takes to win.  And then, think about “competitive … Continue reading

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On Lesser Evil

The idea of “Lesser of Two Evils” is absurd on its face. Because a “Lesser Evil” is still Evil. When you attempt to rationalize your support of evil deeds by telling yourself that it could be worse, you cut yourself … Continue reading

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