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Chasing Knight Rider – Season 1, Episode 20: Nobody Does it Better

Quick Hitch: FLAG’s investigation into a corporate espionage is complicated when a private investigator attempts to find proof of an affair by an employee of the company.

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Where Stereotypes Reign

Want to see where stereotypes go unchallenged? Where sexism, misandry, and misogyny go unchecked? Where fat-shaming and body issues go hand in hand? Where you can give your racism a veneer that most rights groups don’t really bother to confront, … Continue reading

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Movies That Hate You: Catwoman

The Cat’s Meow: When a young woman becomes a witness to a corporate conspiracy and is subsequently killed, she is reincarnated by a Cat Spirit and given superpowers to bring her killers to justice.

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Movies That Hate You: Disclosure

The Legal Brief: A junior-level executive finds his career in jeopardy when he is the target of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a woman he spurned and is now out to ruin his life. [Warning:  Mature Content Ahead. Possible … Continue reading

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Movies That Hate You: Electra (1996, Shannon Tweed)

Reviewer’s Note:  This is not the Jennifer Garner disaster of the same name. Fast Track Synopsis: Marcus Roach, a brilliant entrepreneur, lost the use of his legs in an accident at a factory.  Since then, he has been attempting to … Continue reading

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