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Support Analysis: Martial Arts Misconceptions

Every once in a while, I’ll leaf through some comic books and sometimes I find a fight scene complete with exposition on how the hero/ine or villain learned their combat trade(s).  As it is, however, I can usually tell when … Continue reading

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Analysis: Faceless Enemy. Example: The Star Wars Franchise

A faceless enemy discussion somehow cannot be made without looking into some of the most famous faceless enemies known in modern movie cinema:  The stormtroopers and the droids from the Star Wars franchise.  What makes the analysis interesting is that … Continue reading

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Heavy Armor’s Useless Facts: Sega’s Games Based on Movies

In a number of reviews, I have noted where Sega takes the general concept of a popular American movie and turned it into a video game.  More often than not, the game itself turned out to be very popular and … Continue reading

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Movies That Hate You: Top Gun

On a routine patrol in the Indian Ocean, 2 American F-14s encounter MiG-28 superfighters.  Pilots Maverick and Cougar engage in maneuvers, but Cougar is visibly shaken by the experience, and has to be helped by Maverick to get back to … Continue reading

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Movies That Hate You: Lean on Me

In 1967, at Eastside High School, a Black Male teacher dressed in traditionally Afro-Centric clothing is leading a history class in the guise of a game show.  He is called out of his class by a fellow teacher, who informs … Continue reading

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Heavy Armor Around the Net 9/12/10

First, Chauncey DeVega of We Are Respectable Negroes asks if the documentary “Act da Fool” is another case of black women being exploited.  After viewing the posted video, I say yes.  More here. Brian Hu, in a guest post at … Continue reading

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On Imagining Heroes and Ranting Nerds

RVCBard has a very timely post for me at Ars Marginal called Representing Heroism.  Although it mainly deals with Fantasy and Roleplaying, all of it applies to science fiction and fantasy. Bard sums it up nicely here: You would think … Continue reading

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