Striking Blue Thunder – The Preamble

Coming off of the heels of the Blue Thunder movie, ABC commissioned a spinoff TV series which was to begin soon after the Blue Thunder movie hit the theatre circuits.

The Plot:

In the aftermath of the events of the Blue Thunder (movie), the US Department of Justice establishes APEX, a Federal Police agency tasked with going after the hardest of criminals.  To that end, a second Blue Thunder was built and re-assigned to the LAPD.

The Crew:

Blue Thunder’s pilot is an officer by the name of Frank Cheney.  Unlike Frank Murphy (from the movie), Cheney could be aptly described as “Dirty Harry” with Blue Thunder as his .44 magnum.

Assisting Cheney in Blue Thunder is Clinton Wonderlove, a young computer expert who is quick to crack a joke.

Blue Thunder would be augmented with a ground support team, called Rolling Thunder.  Running Rolling Thunder are these 2 men:

Steve Butkowski and Bubba Kelsey, 2 ex-NFL linemen.  These two were added to provide the “muscle” when it comes time to apprehend their suspects – and everyone who was apprehended were, in fact, GUILTY…of something.

This TV show was, in fact, one of TWO spin-offs from the Blue Thunder movie.  The second was a CBS series created by Donald Bellasario, called Airwolf.  Both shows would go into different directions, but both would affect the 1980s TV landscape in similar ways.

The politics of Blue Thunder: The Series, is what makes reviewing it most interesting.  Whereas most series lean libertarian when it comes to local authority and dealing with immoral acts against other persons, Blue Thunder leans more corporatist than most.  Where most action shows approve of the use of unions for the little guy against larger corporate entities, Blue Thunder espouses none such leanings.

The reviews for Blue Thunder will look to tackle its many messages.

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