Hiring The A-Team – Preamble

Following in the tortured footsteps of my deconstruction of Glen Larson’s Battlestar Galactica series, I’ve decide to look at one of the staples of the 1980s Action Show genre: The A-Team.

What’s It All About:

The A-Team is about a Special Forces team who was tasked with a special job:  Rob the Hanoi National Bank – as a means of bankrupting the North Vietnamese and crippling their war effort.  Unfortunately, their commanding officer was killed during the raid – and the US Government disavowed any knowledge of their actions.  They were soon arrested and put on trial of this “illegal” operation as well as for the death of their commanding officer.  Upon their conviction and imprisonment, they used their considerable skills to escape from the prison at Fort Bragg and escaped into the underground life in Los Angeles.  They now use those skills to help people out as Soldiers of Fortune.

For more than 10 years, the “A-Team” has been shrouded in mystery and legend; there are many channels by which one can contact them, mostly through local VFW chapters, Vietnam Veteran activists and the like.  It would not be until 1982, when a reporter by the name of Amy Allen hires them to find out what happened to Al Massey, a friend (and probably mentor).  After the mission was completed, Amy manages to wrangle herself in as part of the A-Team by using her skills and knowledge as a reporter to help them and their reputation.

The reviews for this show will look into some of its idiosyncrasies.  Some of them may be enjoyable.

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