Just Read Supergirl #2

This is not going to be a full-fledged review.

Just highlighting something that has been going on since Loeb’s “Dark & Gritty™” reboot of Supergirl many years ago.

This now marks the 4th time that the Superman character has been reduced to being nothing but a punching bag for Supergirl to hit (Supergirl Vol 5 #5, Smallville Season 7 episode #2 “Kara,” Superman/Batman: Apocalypse).  Making it even worse in this case is that it takes Supergirl finally noticing the Muggles that she might hurt (after she utterly destroys one of the Seven Wonders of the World) before she comes to a halt.

I suppose that no one learned the most important lesson yet:  Female characters beating up “established” [male] heroes is not “empowerment.”  Additionally, the last time that Supergirl was allowed to be heroic without the Marvel-inspired teen angst was in the short comic series “Supergirl: Adventures in the 8th Grade.”  The last volume of Supergirl ended up spending more than a year after issue 20 trying to re-establish its footing because of the backlash and it only regained its footing around issue 30.

It seems too much to ask for a Supergirl to be a hero, not necessarily in the vane of the Supergirl who was introduced back in the 1960s (although we could do without the “Female Incompetence” that she was saddled with then).

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