An Observation in Politics

There are people who believe that a Federal Law in which people are forced to purchase private insurance or face penalties from the IRS, an agency which has both physical arrest and financial seizure powers, should stand as the law of the land.  And every State that has filed suit to stop this law (or add them to some “exception” list) is simply playing politics on this issue.

The thing is, many of these same people start spewing invocations of 9th and 10th Amendment rights when law enforcement agencies arrest people in violation of Federal drug laws in states where states have “relaxed” their controlled substances laws, particularly in regards to marijuana usage.

It goes to show you, and I’ve stated this before, that Conservative Reactionaries and Tea Partiers do not hold a monopoly on Supremacy Law idiocy and States’ Rights malarkey.   It seems to never occur to Liberals who support a law which really does not pass Constitutional muster that the same tactics the DEA and FBI use to arrest people for violation of Federal law under the Supremacy Clause would also be wielded in enforcement of the Affordable Health Care Act.  At the same time, they all fail at the game of State Authoritarian Leverage, because they all believe that their ways are for the betterment of the country.

In other words, the 2 sides commit all kinds of penalties.  Just throw the flags on the field and leave.

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3 Responses to An Observation in Politics

  1. romanya vizesi says:

    thank you very much for information

  2. avto says:

    Thanks – where is article source?

  3. olya says:

    Interesting thinking.

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