The Dirty Secret of “Nerd Culture” Movies

They all want to be revered in the “Culture” as being the next of this:

Yep. It's HIS fault.

The problem is that the movie derives the same emotive themes as found in Cinderella, only fashioned for a Boy’s Adventure Story, rather than ultimately being tailored for a Disney Princess.

At the same time, they want their movie to be intellectually revered as something like this:

A Pattern of Mediocrity Emerges

The problem here is that the question that it seeks to ask was answered in the film, and it was not the question it wanted to ask.

Finally, they want their movies to have the same popularity in theatres as the ones created by this guy:

He used to be praised by Feminists and Feminist Allies until they dumped him for his ex-Wife.

But what these avant garde fans fail to notice is that James Cameron is a master of “The Spectacle,” often leading the way in visual effects to supplement his stories to make them appealing to audiences (and supplanting George Lucas, who hasn’t been able to reclaim it since).  His own message gets lost while he’s making the movie, but it does not sink the movie the first few times you view it – unless you can see behind the curtain.

And yet, nothing changes.  Because these types of movies made in the hands of those who are praised by Nerd Culture (sometimes, they are also praised for making “Strong Female Characters“) never resonate outside of the “culture.”  The culture then uses words like “edgy” and “cult hit” to justify the fact that no one really likes the output.  These movies don’t resonate because the creators don’t understand film-making.  They do not understand the idea behind building characters.  And they cannot fathom that their glorious project will be seen as nothing more than Bargain Bin fodder at the local Mega-Mart.

I’ve said this before.  No one is under any obligation to watch.  If you want to make a product that people will watch, stop talking down to them on the most basic of things.  Nerd Culture never clued themselves in on the fact that no one outside of comic books really uses the Damsel-in-Distress motif anymore.  Not even RomComs (to an extent).  Most of the actors and actresses praised by Nerd Culture, mostly for being attractive, by the way, fail to move on to dramatic or mainstream fare because their limited talent/range/ability cannot be hidden under a larger spotlight.

The culture needs to mature.  Because the rest of the world has left them behind.

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2 Responses to The Dirty Secret of “Nerd Culture” Movies

  1. RVCBard says:

    This whole post is exactly why mainstream sci-fi/fantasy needs to stop cashing in on nostalgia and grow the fuck up.

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