Heavy Armor Around the Net 9/12/10

First, Chauncey DeVega of We Are Respectable Negroes asks if the documentary “Act da Fool” is another case of black women being exploited.  After viewing the posted video, I say yes.  More here.

Brian Hu, in a guest post at Angry Asian Man, discusses who is allowed to be angry and where and when they are allowed to be angry.  A very good read.  More here.

No1KState at Momma, Here Come That Woman Again throws down the gauntlet and issues a challenge to those who identify with the “Tea Party” agenda to quantify their actual losses under the Obama Administration.  My guess is that there will not be many, if any, valid responses, because most of the anger is based on the racial makeup of the family currently in the White House.  More Here.

O_Deus of Space Ramblings analyzes the returns of The Expendables and The Other Guys and finds that the problem may be how Sony has allocated their resources into how their films are budgeted and marketed.  More Here.

The Daily Galaxy discusses Black Hole-Powered Blobs.  More Here.

Jessie at Racism Review discusses the difficulties of having Hate Speech being treated more seriously when it is allowed to hide behind the veneer of “humor” or “entitlement.”  Check out the links within the post.  More here.

Bonnie Guang of Ars Marginal takes on Glee and discusses how it is simply the same old song-and-dance (no pun intended, maybe) for marginalized people all colors, genders, and sexual orientations, despite protestations by its supporters otherwise.  More…Much More here.

And, finally, Neo-Prodigy also of Ars Marginal talks about Richie Foley of Static Shock and how his struggle with being gay mirrors those of us who are gay within American Society.  A great read.  More Here.

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One Response to Heavy Armor Around the Net 9/12/10

  1. No1KState says:

    Hey, thanks for the plug!! I’m thinking I’ll try to just keep that question featured.

    I got 1 response from Allan, who followed me from Tim Wise’s blog to whine about something I said there about the tea partyists. He said the “tangible” impact was an increase in the amount he’d have to pay in taxes when he cashed in his t-bonds. I know, right? Cry me a river.

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