Heavy Armor Around the Net 9/5/10

The Daily Galaxy describes the existence of a “Cosmic Ghost”:  Here

Ami of Super Cute Rants of DOOM takes on a journalist who disparages superheroes.  While I don’t agree with some of Ami’s points, it is still worth reading:  Here.

Rebecca of Chicks Who Kill Things talks about Scott Pilgrim and the unfair comparisons to Twilight:  Here.

Meanwhile, Neo-Prodigy at Ars Marginal looks at Scott Pilgrim and questions whether people would defend or excuse his actions if he was not a Straight White Male.  More Here.

Renee Martin of Womanist Musings takes on White Women who clutch their purses in fear at the sight of a Black Woman.  More Here.

And, finally, Skemono at Racebending looks at the diversity (or, lack thereof) at the Six Major Hollywood Studios.   More Here.

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One Response to Heavy Armor Around the Net 9/5/10

  1. RVCBard says:

    Great stuff! Especially that one at that Ars Marginal blog.

    *looks innocent*

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