The One Thing the Fourth Batman Movie Got Right

The fourth Batman movie, which in many circles is considered one of the worst movies in and outside of the comic book world, apparently made a call that, about a decade later, seems to be a prescient call.

Barbara Wilson, "Batgirl"

Barbara Wilson, "Batgirl"

This is Barbara Wilson, who is supposed to be Alfred Pennyworth’s niece.  Half-British and Half-American, her parents were killed in an accident.  Since then, she has been traveling the world searching for her other family.  She finally finds her uncle Alfred, who notices his niece’s penchant for getting into trouble.

Long story short, Barbara Wilson is a computer expert, motorcycle racer, and knows martial arts (she is at least as good as Robin).  She also happens to be a college student.  Like many in the genre, she is plucky, outspoken, and doesn’t give up.

Barbara Wilson vs Poison Ivy

Barbara Wilson vs Poison Ivy

But, Batgirl as a blonde?


Even though Stephanie is supposed to be more like Buffy Summers, Stephanie’s character seems to draw a whole like from Barbara Wilson.

Funny how these things happen.

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