Deconstructing Battlestar Galactica: The Original Series – Chapter Seven: The Young Lords

While on scouting patrol, Starbuck and Boomer are attacked by a Cylon force. During the battle, Starbuck is hit and forced to crash land on a distant planet, which is home to a Cylon garrison. Starbuck, injured, attempts to flee; he is soon captured, unfortunately. The Cylons, however, are attacked by a force of very young children.

Meanwhile, back on the Galactica, Adama is recovering from a space sickness when he gets the news from Tigh and Boomer – Starbuck has crashed. The crew contemplates their next move.

Starbuck is dragged into a cave by a young girl. As he regains consciousness, he finds that the only people around him are children. Their leader is Kyle, a teenager who fights for their father’s freedom by turning his younger siblings into soldiers. This leads to conflict between Kyle and Starbuck – and betrayal as Kyle wants to trade Starbuck for their father’s safe return.

The leader of the Cylons on the planet, Spectre, reports to Baltar about the capture of the Colonial Warrior. The Gold Cylon Centurion Leader, however, reports that the humanoids managed to destroy the Cylon task force that had been transporting him back to base. This leads Spectre to falsify reports on the status of the Warrior to Baltar, much to the intrigue of Lucifer.

When it comes time for the exchange, Starbuck manages to convince Kyle that the Cylons do not intend to negotiate on good faith. As the exchange occurs, Kyle notices that his “father” was simply a straw dummy sent on a boat. However, Spectre is also deceived; “Starbuck” is nothing more than a straw dummy with a flight jacket.

Seeing the error of his ways, Kyle relinquishes command. Starbuck takes command of the kid soldiers and leads them on a raid into the castle. In the end, they rescue their father, and Starbuck’s friends finally arrive on the planet to retrieve him. Spectre, meanwhile, may be facing the scrap yard for his continued failures finally coming to the surface with this debacle.

Review and Thoughts:

This episode continues the sad trend of taking many steps back. This time, instead of Wild West, we get Camelot. And, once again, we get lots of sympathetic kids that we’re supposed to cheer for. And, once again, we get Cylons that seem to be act like “regular” evil non-robotic minions.

This also happens to be a Starbuck-centered episode, which I am finding drags down the affair.

Redundant Complaint – Yet Again:

FatherYounger Sister

Kyle and MiriThe Young Brothers

Blonde. Again. TOO. MUCH. BLONDE.

The casting associates and writers need to be clubbed.

And these blondes are princes and princesses of a kingdom that the Cylons destroyed.

I’m oh so close to arming my proton cannon.

Refrigerated and Chilled Again:

The “Queen” of this kingdom died during the Cylon attack. Does anyone other than the Arian criminal have a full family here? However, the real reason for mother to be dead was to give Starbuck a teenage girl who idolizes him in Miri. Since she is the (underaged?) love interest for Starbuck, she doesn’t get to do much except to heal Starbuck’s wounds, take the children to safety during the Cylon attack, and hug her father when Starbuck blasts the cell door. Oh, and kiss Starbuck…twice.

Colonel Tigh:

It could almost be said that Colonel Tigh did not even need to be in this episode.

Lt. Boomer:

This is where the cannon warms up. Boomer gets shafted yet again. During the patrol, Starbuck is hit by Cylon laser fire. Boomer lines up a shot on the Cylon in question…and misses. Why am I not liking where this is going? Because of what I’ve observed thus far:

Apollo, during combat, has never missed a Cylon fighter he lined up for a shot.

Starbuck, during combat, has only missed one Cylon fighter he lined up for a shot (Lost Planet of the Gods).

Jolly, during combat, has never missed a Cylon fighter he lined up for a shot.

Boomer has now missed several times (starting in “Saga of a Star World”).

Something Else That Occurred in This Episode:

The operation by which the Starbuck and kids mounted to rescue their father was mounted in the same style as the heist in the movie “The Dirty Dozen.”  But, because this was a bunch of “cute” kids rescuing their father, we are supposed to cheer for them when they have their heart-warming reunion with him.

Final Rating:

[Life Support] 3.0. I find that I don’t like the Apollo/Starbuck centering on this show. There is too much blonde-casting, and since once again blondeness is supposed to represent justice, innocence, and all that is good in the universe, I’m finding that my memories of this show were selectively blacked out, leaving me with images of this show.

The main structure of these shows is not the problem that I have, but rather the execution. There should never be any one or two elements that make what is wrong with the show stick out like a sore thumb; unfortunately, Galactica has many sore fingers when it comes to this. Tigh gets the worst of it, Boomer is right there with him, but the show has a very hard time focusing on anyone not named Adama, Starbuck, or Apollo. And it shows up often.

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