Deconstructing Battlestar Galactica: The Original Series – Chapter Six: The Magnificent Warriors

A Cylon attack force strikes the fleet. Blue Squadron intercepts, but several ships get through. The Cylon ships then attack the agro-ships, destroying 2 and damaging a third. Tigh goes over to inspect the damage and finds that ‘new seed’ is needed. Adama suggests that they get an ‘old energizer’ and use it to trade with the human agricultural settlement just discovered by Apollo’s advance scout team. However, the energizer in question belongs to Siress Bellaby, who seems to be able to make Adama squirm.

As Adama, Apollo and Tigh board the Siress Bellaby’s ship, Adama finds himself being propositioned by the Siress. Using every ounce of self-control, Adama manages to trade the energizer for courting Siress Bellaby.

Meanwhile, the planet itself holds a danger. The human settlement is attacked by troll-like creatures and the local constabulary, which has already seen a number of its head constables killed in similar attacks, suffers another loss on this night.

The diplomatic party takes off from the Galactica, with Adama, Siress Bellaby, Boxey, and Muffit along for the ride. When they land, Starbuck and Boomer go into town and find themselves at odds with the man who runs it. After the two of them leave, they are accosted by bandits who steal their energizer. Starbuck goes back into town and begins searching for information. Boomer, in the meantime, has gone back to the landing party to report what has happened.

When Adama and Siress Bellaby go to the town, they find that Starbuck has been named the new Sherriff. On that night, the trolls attack and are repelled by the Galactica party. That’s when the planet’s humans realize that the strangers are the Colonial warriors of legend. Siress Bellaby attempts to assist in the defense efforts and is kidnapped by the trolls.

Adama takes off after her, and everyone finds themselves in the troll camp. After a tense stand-off, Adama negotiates with the leader, Nogal. However, negotiations break off when Adama is unable to resolve the impasse – and Starbuck takes over. Back in town, Starbuck announces that he has resolved the crisis and the trolls will no longer attack the townspeople. In addition, Nogal has taken over as the Constable of the town. Bellaby, on the other hand, has rejected Adama’s overtures and has turned her attentions towards Starbuck and Boomer, much to the delight of Apollo…and Adama.

Reviews and Thoughts:

This is one of those episodes that plays as filler. The Cylons attack the fleet and we see some new ships within the Colonial refugees. However, the first rule in an action show is that anything new shown to be minding its own business during a space battle is going to be blasted to astral dust. And, sure enough, 2 copies of the model are blown up – and a third is damaged.

Right when I complain about Jolly’s lack of appearance in this episode, he shows up. However, he is relegated to “way in the background” duty.

This was supposed to be an Adama episode, but I was put off by the whole Siress Bellaby business – it comes off as being totally unnecessary to advance what was supposed to be the main thrust of the story. Siress Bellaby’s role was one of a lonely rich & pampered woman – and it comes off all wrong. While something like this would have been acceptable if the episode took place within the Colonies – a woman of privilege trying to swoon over a ‘great’ leader of men, in this case Bellaby plays like Sire Uri did in Saga of a Star World; rich, secluded privilege in the face of a struggling existence for the rest of humanity. Also, Starbuck gets to save the day in the end.

So, this is a Starbuck episode. And, again, Boxey makes an appearance and gets to go the planet. But when it comes time for the hot laser action, Jolly is forced to babysit Boxey while Adama and the gang go into town.

Lt. Boomer:

He gets a little more screen-time this episode, but gets to do nothing except get jumped by the marauders and fire a few shots at the marauders later on.

Colonel Tigh:

He gets some screen-time as well. He gets to file a report with Adama, and goes to inspect the damaged Agro-ship. But that’s it.

The Human Settlement:

One black male in a walkthrough role. Inside the saloon, there is another black male and black female in non-speaking roles that appear briefly throughout the episode.

Final Analysis:

[Below Average] 4.0 of 10. Space Western does not do Battlestar Galactica justice. In fact, once was more than enough (“The Lost Warrior”). Siress Bellaby’s role was not done justice, especially when they decided to have her kidnapped. Adama was not allowed to save the day at the end. Jolly’s appearance on the planet gets wasted because someone believed it was a good idea to bring Boxey along for the ride. This episode felt like it was rushed from start to finish.

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